Event Project

Event Project Development

For many years we have been developing and supervising event projects for national and international brands and agencies.

From the first concept to the completed event, all matters are quickly and professionally researched, organized and implemented. A vast network of suppliers in all relevant areas is the basis of success.

Accomplishment of a great event depends on the right choice of location, equipment, artists, decoration, as well as catering. We regularly work hand in hand with all of these contacts, which makes us the right partner to achieve your vision.


Innovative Event Products

Are you looking for new, innovative ideas for your event? Searching for a partner to realize your idea to implement new, creative highlights for your event?

Wolf SD is right place. We are continually bringing these eye catchers to our clients that leave a lasting impression with their participants. Whether in the fields of LED wall technology, immersive sound/light/laser shows, video mapping onto any indoor or outdoor surface, including projection onto a wall of water mist, unique photo booths, giant inflatable snowglobes, kinetic motion set pieces…

With Wolf SD, you can expect the unexpected.

Event Management

Managing an event in Austria can be difficult. Logistics and Supply are two things you have to get right the first time. Let Wolf SD be your Austrian partner for professional implementation.

This is what we do. After an informative meeting we develop all the guidelines for the event, contact all involved partners, and coordinate all trades before, during, and after the event. This leaves your focus
on your day-to-day business of the big picture, freeing you from all the small details we know so well.

Giving you the time to attend to your guests, not suppliers or vendors. With Wolf SD, you can look forward to an efficient and successful day of the event, we will ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Grocery Sales

Grocery Sales Development

Wolf SD has been able to gain experience in the food sector for many years. Today, a large network of food producers and vendors helps to develop strategies in the right places, to bring the right article to
the right market at the right time.

We know successful new sales are choosing the right product that creates demand in the right market. Let Wolf SD do the research and tell you if your product is right for the Austrian or International marketplace. Contact Wolf SD today.


Food Trend Management

Food is the most beautiful thing in the world. New food trends are constantly emerging around the world. Excitement is our business. Popular trends in London may not even be known in Vienna. Our goal and task is to find trends that are perfect for you, your company, from your region or city.

Offering something to the market that no other firm can, or presenting a product in a completely new way, leaving the competition in your shadow. Do not simply do the research yourself, partner with us and find the right trend that makes you unique, and catapults you to the top. Let’s make food history.


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WolfSD England: 180 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HF (from dec. 2020)